Finding Our Way

We all have authority to chart our own course. This is especially important when justice involved individuals exercise the authority to move forward in life. Join us as we share, build, and reclaim our sovereignty by Finding Our Way.

9am – 10am

Innovative Social Justice

Hosted by: Derrick L. Owens Group, LLP

This event will explore one city attorney’s vision for social justice that led to the inception of the Derrick L. Owens Group – a social justice enterprise that provides non-retributive alternatives to justice while also navigating its consumers to employment and other resources toward greater self-sufficiency.

11:30am – 1pm

From Me to You: Authors and Their Gifts to the World

Hosted by: Patrice Palmer – Reentry Services Specialist, Justice Policy & Programs, Annette Dominguez – author of “How Mommy Found Her Way Home,” Dr. Candace Paulucci – author of “How Mommy Found Her Way Home,” Sheila Luther – illustrator for “How Mommy Found Her Way Home,”

Sharing one’s story has the dual impact of being cathartic for the author, while acting as food for the soul of those who read it. Join panelists as they discuss the wide-reaching impact of writing one’s self.

1:30pm – 3pm

Building That Next Level of Capacity

Hosted by: Marvetta Froe-Shelton – Founder of Breakin’ Barriers

Breakin’ Barriers will facilitate an informative “capacity building” panel discussion that will address the most essential ingredient; sustainable transformation (over time) that exceeds beyond changing mindsets and attitudes.

3pm – 4pm

We Do Recover: Stories of Hope

Hosted by: Megan Powell – Outreach, Recovery Village; Jordan Lawson, CDCA, Outreach Coordinator, RREACT; Coregie Steele – Outreach, Recovery Works

We Do Recover: Stories of Hope is a panel of individuals that share their experience with addiction, mental health, and recovery. These stories include personal testimony, reintegrating back into society, addiction and mental health within the family unit, and experience working in the community to provide hope and resources to others.

6:30pm – 8pm

Halfway Home: Evening Townhall

Moderator: Kimberly Brazwell of the Central Ohio Restored Citizens Collaborative

Central Ohio welcomes special guest Dr. Reuben Miller, author of the critically-acclaimed reentry novel “Halfway Home”. His seminal work intersects lived experience with social science and has been recognized as one of the most authentic examinations of reentry in America. 

Join us for a conversation between Columbus Council Member Shayla Favor, County Commissioner Marilyn Brown, Mujeddid Mohammed, Zach Ruppel – Director of Music, St. Paul Lutheran Church, and Dr. Miller as they discuss the state of reentry locally and statewide.

Register early for a FREE copy of Dr. Miller’s new book. 

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