There will be a Community Pop-Up on Wednesday, December 15 | 1pm – 3pm at the the Broad Street United Methodist Church, 501 E Broad St. Individuals can get FREE birth certificates and ID vouchers. Also available: 

  • Government funded phones
  • Primary One/Medicaid
  • Medical & COVID appointments
  • Food pantry (fresh produce, canned goods, etc)
  • Education/Employment Connections
  • Public assistance Benefits

Upcoming Community Pop-Ups

Wednesday, December 15

Broad Street United Methodist Church 501 East Broad Street, Columbus, Ohio 43215

Watch our spotlight here:

What is Reentry Week?

President Joseph R. Biden stated in his March 31, 2021 Proclamation on Second Chance Month, 2021:

“More than 600,000 individuals return to their communities from State and Federal prisons every year. Transitioning back into society can be overwhelming for those who are formerly incarcerated as well as their families and communities. Too many individuals face unfair legal and practical barriers to reentry. The reentry process is complicated in the best of times, and is even more so with the additional difficulties presented by the COVID-19 pandemic.

We must commit to second chances from the earliest stages of our criminal justice system. Supporting second chances means, for example, diverting individuals who have used illegal drugs to drug court programs and treatment instead of prison. It requires eliminating exceedingly long sentences and mandatory minimums that keep people incarcerated longer than they should be. It means providing quality job training and educational opportunities during incarceration to prepare individuals for the 21st century economy. And it means reinvesting the savings from reduced incarceration into reentry programs and social services that prevent recidivism and leave us all better off.”

Central Ohio organizations, individuals, and groups have come together to make this year’s Reentry Week as impactful and collaborative as possible. We hope that you join us in this celebration and as we support our friends, family, and community members who have been incarcerated.

Reentry Week Spotlight

Reentry Week Schedule

April 26th – April 30th

Special Guest and Re-Entry Scholar on Tuesday: Dr. Reuben Miller – The University of Chicago

To learn more about the entrepreneurs being spotlighted during reentry week, download the flyer below or visit the Central Ohio Restored Citizens Collaborative website.

Organizations, individuals, and businesses from across Franklin County have come together for Reentry Week 2021 to highlight wellness, families, youth, businesses, and policies for meaningful and lasting re-entry.

To learn more about these incredible collaborators, click below!